Rare Good News For Gender Rights In India

Sex Me Up

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship, you know what occurs when you’re missing the one you love.
This is “That” scene from the movie her, the scene where directo Spike Jonz takes us in a romantic interlude with just sound and she sounds DAMN Sexy!

Love Scene
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Holy Sh*t, Tom Cruise Really Did Buy Hot Donna!

What the fcuk is going on with the universe? Is Mercury in retrograde (as it always seems to be whenever lesbians want to understand the weird sh*t that is occurring around us.

Luara Prepon giving us major femme vibes, Okay we get it!
Laura Prepon: Golden Globes After-Party
WTF?! First I find out that Charlize Theron, my gorgeous Charlize Theron is “spreading her legs for Sean Peenis, I mean Penn-Sean Penn. Then I discover that Penn hit it with ScarJo- as in Scarlett Johansson first and now, Gadzooks!!!!!!!!!
Will Laura Prepon leave her role as Alex in the NetFlix Women’s Prison Dramedy because she is sleeping with Tom Curse, I mean Cruise?
The Daily news is reporting that Prepon is returning as a regular but we’ll see, because Prepon is only slated to appear in 15 episodes for 2013-2014, as opposed to Taylor Schilling who will appear for 26 episodes for 2013-2014.
Why? Well doesn’t Church of Scientology frown upon Homosexuality?
Or, Maybe Tom doesn’t need the competition.
Nonetheless maybe this is a good match: Cruise/Prepon = Crupon sounds like Groupon.
Was it just me or was Prepon’s character Alex a mismatch for Piper? Alex is too hot to be matched with Taylor Schilling who plays Piper just because she is the star.  See the thing about aesthetics is that Beauty = Symmetry and that symmetry doesn’t exist with Alex and Piper. 
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Honey Are You Serious?

Scarlett baby, it’s bad enough that I had to put up with all those other celebrities complaining about about the lack of privacy that accompanies being a public figure, but are your hormones getting the best of you? In the video below you seem preoccupied with the people filming you and your fiancé Romain Duriac.

Scarlett Johansson commands fiance to attack onlookers in Paris (Low) by A San

Seriously? Scarlett appears unusually preturbed by what I can only discern may be a man and a woman (judging by the conversation I hear) being surprised that they are actually seeing Johansson in the flesh). She appears more concerned with watching the admirers than simply going about her business, covering her very identifiable and kissable lips.

Scarlett baby It’s a Fcuking PUBLIC Street! If you want "Privacy" you can retire from the film industry and give back Esquire's: Sexiest Woman Alive Award.

Naturally your fiance is going to do whatever you wish as I bet that he is not inclined to upset his 55 Million Dollar Baby Mama.


My Dear Scarlett if it weren’t for this:


And This:


And Especially  These:
Well, I can safely say that if you weren’t a great talent and have simply lovely natural assets, I guess I would be through with you (Like I became with Natalie Portman after she married Benjamin “Thousand Foot,” I mean Millepied).
Remember when Portman set our collective hearts all a-flutter with:
Natalie Portman kissing Mila Kunis in the 2010 movie: Black Swan

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman

scarlett-johansson-natalie portman
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