Honey Are You Serious?

Scarlett baby, it’s bad enough that I had to put up with all those other celebrities complaining about about the lack of privacy that accompanies being a public figure, but are your hormones getting the best of you? In the video below you seem preoccupied with the people filming you and your fiancé Romain Duriac.

Scarlett Johansson commands fiance to attack onlookers in Paris (Low) by A San
Seriously? ScarJo appears unusually preturbed by what I can only discern may be a man and a woman (judging by the conversation I hear) being surprised that they are actually seeing Johansson in the flesh). She appears more concerned with watching the admirers than simply going about her business. Scarlett It’s a Fcuking PUBLIC Street! Naturallt your fiance is going to do whatever you wish as I bet that he is not inclined to upset his 55 Million Dollar Baby Mama.

My Dear Scarlett if it weren’t for this:


And This:

Or These:
Well, I can safely say that if you weren’t a great talent and have simply lovely natural assets, I guess I would be through with you (Like I became with Natalie Portman after she married Benjamin “Thousand Foot,” I mean Millepied).
Remember when Portman set our collective hearts all a-flutter with:

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman

scarlett-johansson-natalie portman
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Complexity…Is it Lacking in Lesbian Movies?

Rust and Bone can be summed up with one word: beautiful! This drama is so down to earth and well acted that I accepted every aspect of characters personality. It is also a movie about heterosexual characters.

Ali is a struggling single father  that helps a whale trainer (Stephanie) recover her will to live following a terrible accident that leaves her confined to a wheelchair:

As usual Marion Cotillard excels in expressing feelings uttering as few words as possible:

Both characters tell a story with both simplicity and complexity: Lonely and destitute, Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts) leaves the north of France for his sister's house after becoming the sole guardian of his estranged five-year-old son Sam.
He soon lands a job as a bouncer in a nightclub, when one night, after breaking up a fight in the club, Ali meets Stephanie (Marion Cotillard). There is the iniotial connection, nothing much as Ali and Stephanie continue their respective lives.
When a tragic accident at Marineland leads Stephanie to reach out to Ali. Her spirit broken by the same tragedy that took her legs.

Rust and Bone takes its time developing the relationship between the main characters and the subtlety of what can only be viewed as a confrontation after Stephanie is abandoned in a nightclub when Ali picks up a one night stand is palpable considering that the two have by this time slept together.
Mathew Shoenaerts plays Ali as aloof, as distantly matter of fact.
This is a polarizing movie that critics, especially, seem to love or hate (Then again those critics that hate are usually the type that hate almost everything they watch.) For Example: The Washington Post called it "one of the most “transportingly” romantic movies of the year" while EW magazine labeled it one of worst movies of 2012. 
I am a supporter; Rust and Bone is a memorable story about animal instincts, brute strength, (Ali as a fighter and as a savior) the working poor. This presents two people who priobably should not be together and slowly, reveals to them and to us,  their points of intersection and the places where they fulfill each other's needs. Fcuking Brilliant
Stephanie gradually finds the courage to go on living trough transcendent moments spent with Ali -- a man with precious little pity, but an enormous love of life. This is a movie about second chances at love, life, bodies and spirits broken, battered and, just maybe, healing.

After a close call with death, occurring at a point where Ali literally has to beat the hell out of nature to save his son. The viewer is finally granted acccess into the sealed chamber of solace that encases Ali’s heart and and vulnerability. I adore metaphor and symbolism in movies, because metaphors contribute deeper meaning: For Example: “In “Rust and Bone,” Stephanie is not the only disfigured one. Hardly anything is whole. A truck, covered in graffiti, has a mirror attached with packing tape. Brother and sister meet after five years, yet cannot kiss or approach one another. Shattered glass is a recurring motif. Gauze wraps leg stumps and fractured hands. People survive on unstable jobs, in unsuitable living conditions.”
Lesbian movies for the most part always seem to focus on some young adult or married discovering her sexual identity.  I rarely get to see movie featuring adults established with who they are (Reaching for the Moon being a welcome exception). If adults lesbian are the main charactersb most of the time it in a comedic scenario.

For me it also seems that sex in lesbian movies is woefully mediocre, unless the  movie is directed by a male, like in the movies: Bound (Wachowski Bros) The Girl Who Played With Fire (Daniel Alfredson) or even the extreme Blue Is The Warmest Color (Abdellatif Kechiche). Granted these diurectors used advisors concerning lesbia sex but still the scenes were more evocative than what I've seen in movies directed by lesbians (who seem afraid of exploring their own sexuality) everything is a dramatic unveilking of some sort.  Directors Angelina Maccarone with Everything Will Be Fine and Cheryl Dunyebeing with Mommy Is Coming excel in this area: Still both films are comedic.

Nicole Conn comes close to representing lesbians as emotionally complex characters, exploring Paris’ traumatic past and Paige’s OCD in Elena Undone, still the redundancy of the harried housewife seeking more and finding it in the arms of a woman is as overplayed as the perennial “Black as a servant or a slave” movie. And the sex? Forget it.

Until Lesbian movies begin to explore the intricacies of human emotion, their audiences will be subjected to innumerable millenials being turned out by a slightly older lesbian, or the harried housewife by the younger lesbian. Whichever what a bore. It's not like producers don't have acces to material considering the amount of writings (mine included) swiped off of the internet and put into a failed and now cancelled cableTV lesbian series.

Marion Cotillard won an Academy Award and is most likely one of the best acrtesses of the 21st Century.  Of course I don't expect an Indy actress in lesbian to be as compelling as Cotillard, but I also don't expect Millenials to chant that Ellen Page should have won the Best Actress award, the year that Page (for playing Juno) as opposed to Cotillard (winning for playing singer Edith Piaf) when both were  were competing against each other either. 
I read online that Marion Cotillad was pushed out of the Best Actress category by 9 year old Quvenzhane Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Look, I watched that movie twice and I was not knocked out by her performance. Sure she provided some very funny and moving scenes but that was about it. Maybe I’m as old as fcuk, but shouldn’t the best actress award go to someone whose body of work demonstrates an ability to transcend normative assumptions about humanity and tragedy?
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Sounds For A Special Sunday

Many Of Us Are...

Lena Dunham TFF 2012 Shankbone 3

Many of us are sick of looking at her tits also. We get it here too Lena and it's beginning to seep in how much of an overblown ego you have. I guess I'd have one also if my uncle or cousin was an "A" List Hollywood director of movies with fine women that fall in love with less than average looking white men.

Not since I was a freshman in college have I heard women conversing in sentences that all end with an upward inflection as if they were asking a question.  I don't know why Ross loves that show. I watch one full episode and that was the season finale and wouldn't you know it the body parade was unceasing and it wasn't any "body" that I particularly wanted to see.

Now since I am lashing at Lena let me continue by asking why does she feel it's necessary to show us that she is dating a guy that Scarlett Johansson dated when she was a teenager? Is this another attempt by Dunham and her omnipresent ego to equate herself with an A-Lister?  He's Scarlett's EX for a reason (not that I am into boys or anything,) rest assured sweetie you are NO Scarlett Johansson. In fact the way I am reading it, you are intimating that you are just as pretty or worldly as Scartlett because this guy is with you?
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